New Works Festival 2012

Kickoff BBQ!



There is now a full schedule (complete with show images and synopses) on the website. Check it out!

Proposal application forms!

Now available! NWF 2012 Proposal Application

Hope you’re ready…

…because proposal applications are being released this week. OOOH!

Upcoming Dates

Hey everybody! Just wanted to let you know a few dates coming up in the near future. This Thursday (February 2nd), we’ll be hanging out at a table in the Caf from 9-12 pm (during the t-shirt show) to field any questions and/or just chat. This Friday (the 3rd), from 12:30-2, we’ll be having the […]

NW Ninja Strikes Again

NW Ninja Strikes Again

New Works Ninja

New Works Ninja

The Official “meme” of NWF2012!