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Los Mentirosos; The Art Cal Story

Bijou. May 12. 60 minutes. Andrew Wofford. Hayden Ezzy.

This project was created by the founders of Perpetual Production Wilson: Bondesen (North Carolina School of the Arts; Film Directing/Screen Writing) and Andrew Wofford (CalArts; Acting.) With Texas as a back drop and Mark Twain in our hearts, we went to where most great screen writers are going today- great literature. What we got was a story of blind trust, lost and found love, and wheelin’ and dealin’ to the max. Here a few schools to name (CalArts, Juilliard ,Boston University, Rutgers, Webster, and North Carolina School of The Arts.)


Bijou. May 12. 20 minutes. Lynne Martens.

A mockumentary of CalArts done in skit/sketch comedy web series format. Central characters include Lynne, a costume designer, and Mackenzie, a composer. Skits include, strange CalArts performance art piece, a first year who’s always lost, and doing yoga on pianos before performances.


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