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The Badsounds Get Homeless; People Like Us; Inhale-Exhale; A Soldier Sojourn in Scotland.

E197. May 10 & 11. 25 minutes. Richie Dagger Salazar.

The Badsounds Get Homeless is a story about a wealthy family that is immersed and indulged in the success they have achieved over the years of hardships they have endured. Margot, the youngest daughter, however is not happy with all the wealth she is been born into and decides to help the homeless. Her father, Harvey, becomes very excited about the idea and decides to become homeless while letting a homeless woman stay in their house.


 E197. May 10 & 11. 45 minutesMathew Bazulka, Gabriel Meltz, Ashley Angione.

A one act physical theater piece that explores the terrifying experience of “coming out” to one’s parents. Follow the story of a young individual and his personal struggles, dealing with this poignant moment in his life, fearful of negative judgements made by his peers, role models, and himself. A beautiful tale of two young lovers who attempt to find themselves together through body, mind, and spirit. A battle with oneself to determine who should be able to partake in one of the oldest and most sacred rituals, love.


E197. May 10 & 11. 15 minutes. Peter Bonoff.

A man comes to life on a stage with an Inhale. He leaves with an Exhale.


E197. May 10 & 11. 45 minutes

Alfie Wellcoat, Frank Raducz, Emily Faris, Kaitlin Cornuelle

Robert, a Scottish Soldier who’s served his time in World War 1, finds himself placed under house arrest after attacking his General in command. He’s kept company by his maidservant and dog, who present themselves in parallel forms as the Soul and Beast within. Robert is visited by memories of past events, helping him to fix the mistakes he’s made in life.


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